Cosmetics in the pump industry

New material solutions for suppliers of pumps and compressors, and vacuum and compressed air technology

In tandem with the companies that provide compressed air and vacuum technology and compressors, the German manufacturers of pumps and their associated components belong to a select group of the world’s leading exporters. Taken together, their annual sales amount to well over ten billion euros.

In order to secure the global market economy in their respective specialist segments, the companies in the individual sectors implement, among other things, sector-specific concepts for digitally networked systems. They’re also increasingly involved in the areas of sustainable production, energy efficiency and conservation of resources, not least because environmental technology is an increasingly important customer for their products and end-to-end solutions.

Technical ceramics offer a wide range of proven silicon carbide materials for demanding applications in the manufacture of pumps and compressors, and vacuum and pressure technology. Its strengths include extremely high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance against aggressive media, a high resistance to temperature changes and low distortion under thermal stress. These and other properties make differently modified adaptations of silicon carbide materials ideal for components like pump shafts, slide bearings and mechanical seals, such as those used in high-performance chemical and other industrial pumps.


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