Ceramics in the construction industry

High demand – enormous dynamism

With about 850,000 employees, the German construction industry generated sales of around 135 billion euros in 2019 – the ninth year in a row that it recorded an increase. And by adding the annual results of the main construction and related industries, it shows that the construction sector has proven to be extremely stable. According to the German Federal Building Industry Association (BVB), the approximately 3.3 million employees working for around 370,000 companies generated sales of 355 billion euros.

For 2020 overall, the BVB expects to see the momentum in new construction and building trade weaken slightly at the higher level, while an emphasis on renovations should give further impetus to growth.

Just looking at the example of bridge construction in rail transport, it’s easy to see how great the need for renovation is in many areas. Between 2015 and the end of 2019 alone, over 900 bridges were renovated at a cost of three billion euros. A further 2,000 bridges are to be renovated by the end of the 2020’s at a cost of nine billion euros.

The renovators of concrete and steel structures are among those who benefit from the diverse constructions and renovations requested by both the private and public sector, making use of indispensable technologies with components made from technical ceramics. Using blasting nozzles made of boron carbide and silicon carbide, for example, results in uniform sand blasting, low air consumption and extremely long tool life. These nozzles use less blasting media and are economical with the compressed air they require, helping to conserve resources.


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