Products in use

Products in use

Ballistischer Schutz

Ballistic Protection

Military forces – whether on foot, land, water or in the air – require the best possible protection at the lowest possible ... Read more

Gleitlager aus Siliciumcarbid

Sliding Bearings made with Silicon Carbide

The ceramic material silicon carbide has a multifaceted range of properties that can be tailored to exact requirements ... Read more

Kosmetik mit Bornitrid

Cosmetics made with Boron Nitride

Our society places a premium on beauty. The constant search for youthfulness and a perfect appearance as ... Read more

Reibwerterhöhung mit Keramik

Friction Enhancing Coating with Ceramics

Whether pressed, interlocked or bolted together: increasing the coefficient of friction makes it possible for two surfaces ... Read more

Trennen und Schmieren

Release Agents and Lubricants

High-temperature processes – such as glass processing or metallurgical casting and forming – require release agents and ... Read more

Verdampferschiffchen aus Keramik

Evaporation Boats made from Ceramics

Metalized substrates can be found in many technological as well as everyday products and applications, such as ... Read more

Wärmemanagement mit Keramik

Thermal Management with Ceramics

Heat build-up is increasingly becoming a problem in densely designed electronic devices. Up to now, the heat ... Read more

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