On the way to zero emission mobility

On the way to zero emission mobility

New drive concepts are changing vehicle architecture and placing greater demands on material combinations and lightweight construction solutions ... Read more

Zwei gute Ideen ergeben eine besondere

Two good ideas will lead you to one really special idea

We have been working with special ceramics in microwave technology for thirty years. Here we have achieved market leadership in some high-performance components ... Read more

Keramik & Kunststoff

Ceramics & plastic

We believe that there is still plenty of potential, especially where there are advantages in the direction of mechanical ... Read more

Keramik, Normen und Zertifizierungen

Ceramics, standards and certifications

From comprehensibility to commitment to the reliability of facts and their relationships ... Read more

Schleifen mit technischer Keramik: Ein Expertengespräch

Grinding with technical ceramic: in conversation with an expert

Bernhard Schmitt has been the managing director of Artur Glöckler GmbH since 2004. The now fourth generation ... Read more

3D Drucken mit Keramik

3D printing with technical ceramic

When it comes to the precise manufacture of 3D objects, additive manufacturing in industrial production ... Read more

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