Ceramics in defense technology

The optimal combination of lightness and protection

Defense or armor technology generally makes use of the entire range of engineering sciences to develop and expand relevant products, technologies and processes from the civilian market for military purposes.

From modern information technology and highly secure equipment, to special vehicles, aviation and shipping technology: military applications are designed and constructed throughout the world with the highest level of expertise.

By the same token, the importance of the arms industry for developments in the civilian sectors is also undisputed. For example, GPS and radar both originated in the military sector and are now available in a variety of ways for civilian use.

In the market segment of the security industry, high-performance materials with outstanding properties – such as technical ceramics – are always at the centre of developments. For example, when protective equipment needs to be designed as safe and light as possible.

Thanks to high degrees of hardness combined with comparatively low weight, technical ceramics offer an almost ideal combination of properties that are particularly well-suited for ballistic protection. Composite systems with a ceramic component are therefore used in a variety of areas, including armor for personal, aircraft and vehicle protection.


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