Technical ceramics

Technical ceramics, often referred to as engineering ceramics, industrial ceramics or high-performance ceramics, includes all ceramic products that are suitable for technical applications. Technical ceramics can be structured as follows:

  • Silicate ceramics (also called "technical porcelain")
  • Oxide ceramics
    • Single-component systems (such as zirconium oxide)
    • Multi-component systems (such as aluminium titanate)
  • Non-oxide ceramics
    • Carbide ceramics (such as boron carbide)
    • Nitride ceramics (such as silicon nitride)

They differ from everyday ceramics or decorative consumer ceramics, such as sanitary objects or tiles, by – among other things – the more narrowly tolerated grain size and the purity of their starting materials, as well as by their own special firing processes, such as hot isostatic pressing.

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